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Turnkey solution in commercial VR. We provide a memorable, world-class Virtual Reality experience for FEC's, Amusement Parks, Arcades, & Resorts 

Why Virtual Reality?

VR- A Must-Have Experience

Are you not entertained? Virtual Reality provides your patrons with an immersive, dynamic experience.  Best of all, with over 180 games available, each experience can be unique

VR Increases Traffic

Not only does VR provide an attraction that you can feature in your advertising, but also provides advocacy from your customers- 50% of customers return within the first month to play again..... and most bring a friend with them to experience VR

Leading Commercial VR Systems 

Our value is in our partnership & expertise to create ROI-driven commercial VR. We offer the latest tech, most extensive VR gaming library, and the best pricing in the industry - especially with our exclusive Rev Share offer

Experts in VR

We are the pioneers in the commercial VR space. We created the first VR Arcade in the US. We have over 60 partnerships across the US & Canada. And we created the industry leading software platform for VR.

Leading Software

Most Extensive Gaming Library (over 300+). Robust CRM enables customer engagement & remarketing. Latest Hardware.  Social sharing mixed reality. Self Serve Integration. Loyalty & Rewards program.

Our Partnership

Our Value is in our partnership. We have the leading tech and the lowest price in the industry. Our prices are almost half the competition. We have 24/7 support. And we offer rev share pricing to partner with you on your VR investment.

Industry Leading Commercial VR

Pioneered first VR Arcade in the US, first and most extensive Software, and now - our Self Serve VR booths​

Over 300 Games Available - Multiplayer, Co-Op, PvP, and single player games for all ages

Customized solutions to drive traffic to your location with the best pricing

Fast ROI, No hidden fees

Experiences include Escape Rooms, Shooter Games, Educational Games, Fully interactive multiplayer games, and much more 

Why Location-Based Virtual Reality?

Prepare for an influx of intrigued and interested customers. Virtual Reality provides your patrons with a fully immersive experience unlike any other gaming or entertainment attraction 

Location Based Virtual Reality is Expanding

  • By 2025, VR is expected to grow 765% to over 1.5B users (statista)

  • Location based VR more than doubled in 2018 to $1.2B (Forbes)

  • Forbes forecasts growth to over $8B by the end of 2022 in Commercial Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Provides a One-of-a-Kind Experience

  • Commercial VR as a Marketing Tool​​ - VR fascinates, attracts, and entertains consumers. Our commercial VR systems helps businesses not only attract new customers, but with a 50% return rate - VR increases customer retention

  • VR improves Entertainment Experience - With dynamic experiences for the entire family, VR provides a unique value to your customers while providing your business with enhanced branding & updated content

  • Location Based VR Buildouts for every Entertainment Business - View our commercial VR setups below to see which fits your theme park, arcade, or entertainment center. Our expert team fully installs, trains, and offers unparalleled support and maintenance. 


Our industry leading tech features Self Serve Kiosk technology (no need for staffing), our prioprietary software that enables customer engagement & remarketing, and our gaming library is 2nd to none.  

Industry Leading Software

PLVR VR management system allows you to have complete control over your VR attraction. Easily track, manage, and find great success with the systems features:

-In-Headset Game Chooser

-In-Store Game List

-Complete booth control from tablet

-Easy to use Time Clock

-Customer usage tracking

-Control games with age restrictions

-Efficient Queue Line

-SMS re-marketing tool

-Complete Rewards Portal


-Advertisement capabilities

-and more!

Massive Content Library

Private Label VR has 300+ titles available- so you have games of all intensity levels and for all ages. With top new games added weekly to this title library, you will always have the top VR games and fresh content to offer your fun hungry customers.

Hardware Guarantee

We guarantee our headsets and hardware- not only do they provide the best VR experience on the market, but we throw in an all-encompassing hardware insurance program to ensure you don't have any downtime from equipment damage.

Real Time Support

Valuable Partner

 Our partnership with your park allows for you to always be "in the know" when it comes to VR. So you can access the best add on items and equipment upgrades to stay ahead of the curve.

We know your business doesn't get a break when the rush is on. Our support is always just a phone call or message away.  Focus on driving your business and let us help you with the details of your custom Virtual Reality setup. 

Process Optimization

From your customer flow in park, to what games you should highlight given your customer base, we build & optimize the VR experience with you and your customer needs in mind.



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