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VR Arcade Management Software

Industry Leading Systems

PLVR system allows you to have complete control over your VR attraction.  Easily track, manage, and find great success with the systems features:

-In-Headset Game Chooser

-In-Store Game List

-Complete booth control from tablet

-Easy to use Time Clock

-Customer usage tracking

-Control games with age restrictions

-Efficient Queue Line

-SMS re-marketing tool

-Complete Rewards Portal


-Advertisement capabilities

-and more!

Massive Content Library

Private Label VR has 130+ titles available- so you have games of all intensity levels and for all ages. With top new games added weekly to this title library, you will always have the top VR games and fresh content to offer your fun hungry customers.

Know the Terms


  • 7 Day Free Trial

    • Absolutely no cost to you for ​7 days.  No software or game costs during the trial

  • Monthly or Annual Payment Terms

    • Pay on a month to month basis for software usage or pay upfront for the entire year for a discount price​

  • Credit Card Payment

    • Simply use your credit card information to pay for monthly headset & game fee's​

  • Payment Timing

    • Your credit card will be charged automatically after the 7 day free trial​

    • You will be charged at the first of each month for headset & game fee's

  • Cancelling Terms

    • If for some reason you choose not to use the software before your 7 day trial ends, then simply let us know 24 hours before the 7 days is up and we will cancel everything so you will not be charged.

    • If you are on a month to month payment term- you can simply cancel at any time

  • Features Included

    • You will have access to every feature found within our custom software as well as access to every game in our game libarary​

Ready to try the Top VR Management Software in Your Arcade?

Press the button below to quickly create an account and start your 7 Day Free Trial

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