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VR for your Valentine's

Valentine's Day is here, it's time to consider trying something new and exciting for your date night. Virtual Reality is a perfect option for couples looking to have a unique and enjoyable experience together. Here are four reasons why VR is a great date night activity:

It's Different - VR is a unique experience that most people haven't tried before and it's sure to be a lot of fun. Instead of dinner and a movie or dinner and a show, why not try dinner and VR? It's a perfect complement to any of those activities and a great way to try something different.

Multiplayer - VR is an incredibly immersive experience and even more fun when shared with your partner. From quests in Arizona Sunshine to cooking battles in Clash of Chefs, there are many multiplayer experiences to choose from. Single player games are also score-based, Pistol Whip & Space Pirate Trainer are great options to set a high score for your partner to try and beat.

It's Fun - VR takes the fun of a movie or activity to the next level. Instead of just watching, you are actually doing the actions and guiding your own experience. You can even watch short films in a 360 environment, like The Great C, a 30-minute animated story that takes you on a journey into the unknown.

It's Not Just for Gamers - VR is very intuitive and easy to pick up, even for those who are not gamers. With room-scale VR, you can physically do the actions in the game, like reaching to pick up an object or crouching. Escape Rooms and shared experiences to far off worlds can't be beaten. The controls become natural and the fun takes over, making VR accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

VR is not just a movie, it's not a dinner, but it's a perfect complementary activity to any of those things. It's completely interchangeable and the fun goes up to eleven when you step into a booth together. VR is just so much fun and fully immersive, it's not just for gamers. With VR, you are actually doing the action and it's much more natural than trying to remember buttons on a controller. The controls fade away and the fun takes over.

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