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Increase Revenue per Visit, Foot Traffic and Customer Return Rate


Whether you are a Trampoline Park, Bowling Center, Arcade, Amusement Park, or Family Entertainment Center – two primary metrics are king:

1) Foot Traffic

2) $ per Visit per Customer

Operators, marketers, and owners are trying to drive the most customers in and maximize the $ spent per visit per customer. A well thought out customer experience, traffic flow, and set of attractions helps drive these critical KPI’s. As more innovative tech comes out, it is critical to offer your customers new & fresh experiences to keep them coming back (and have them tell their social network about their experience).

Below are 4 primary benefits of VR and how they impact Foot Traffic and $ per Visit per Customer:

Virtual Reality provides innovation and new experiences all in a small footprint. The right setup improves your foot traffic, return rate, enhances the revenue per square foot you generate, and adds to the average revenue per visit you receive:


VR Generates Higher Revenue per Visit

Virtual Reality is an easy upsell to your existing clientele base. It is more immersive than any arcade and provides a more unique set of experiences than laser tag (at a fraction of the footprint). If you have a gate entry fee, simply charging $7-$8 for 10 minutes of play is an easy upsell (especially if you have the VR setup readily in view at point of transaction). Generate higher $ per customer visit with an incredible experience that they will tell their friends about.

Virtual Reality Enhances Customer Experience & Traffic:

VR is an immersive experience that is unforgettable. Users hop in the headset and escape to a new world. Now, with the advances in headsets, you can track every movement – even your fingers. We have over 300+ games to select from (we recommend offering your customers 30-35) and this allows your patrons to access various experiences: escape rooms, shooter games, puzzles, and more with games geared to all ages. Give your customers an experience that they will not forget and brings them back.

Virtual Reality Drives Higher Return Rates & Brand Loyalty:

The right VR setup provides your patrons with multiple games that they want to play now or come back and play later (especially with friends). Each game is unique, each experience is immersive, and every experience in the headset can change based on single player, co-op, or multiplayer campaigns. We currently have over a 60% return rate within 30 days of customers that play our system. VR improves brand loyalty and will increase the lifetime value of each of your customers.

VR Improves Traffic Flow:

Virtual Reality is a social gathering. When we design our custom VR systems, we are always designing for where the window fronts are in each space, how the traffic flows into the center, and ensuring plenty of seating is around so others can watch others play. Simply providing awareness to your surrounding area that you offer VR will improve traffic – but adding an element to showcase your attraction will improve your traffic flow from walk-by as well as existing customers telling their friends & social following about their experience.

There are many options when it comes to Virtual Reality – we do them all – but the best performing setup financially is the booth system that allows customers to build their own experience. If you are looking at options (we recommend starting with a 4-player system) – ensure that your system allows your customers to do single player, player vs player, Co-Op, and Multiplayer experiences. Also ensure that you have more than just 5-7 games to offer -this will directly impact your return rate as customers will want to come back to play other games (or advance in the game they love.)

If you have any questions, please contact us at One of our VR specialists will gladly help you and provide any information necessary.

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