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Have you heard about VRcades?

Virtual Reality arcades? They are becoming more and more popular throughout the country! Not only are they a great way for clients to try out virtual reality before buying it, but it also costs less than you may think to get into the business!

There are millions of personal headset owners out there, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset alone sold more than 5 million units, but that hasn’t slowed the commercial side of VR at all!

The Global VR market size is expected to reach 28.42 billion in 2022, up from 21.83 billion in 2021. Digital Minds has a forecast that by 2030 the world's combined VR market will be worth 87 billion USD

Venues can be accommodating for customers of all ages. They do this by implementing all kinds of specialty nights and events from hosting paint nights for adults, testing their skills in escape rooms, or having people just enjoy jetting away to somewhere peaceful. Other VR experiences let people face their fears head-on, including fear of heights, without ever having to leave the ground There are so many different options and possibilities in this exciting medium that it can bring to any business.

“Virtual reality allows for all types of gamers and all types of people who just want to have phenomenal experiences,”

Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists to find out which of our VR solutions would work best for your business!

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