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5 Consideration Points Before Hiring in the FEC Industry

One of the most important assets to any company - if not the most important - is your people. This is true for most businesses, and especially those within the family entertainment industry. 

No matter the scope of work or the role – hiring people that fit within your culture, represent your values, and are positive additions (in both attitude and production) is vital for any company’s success. As the role gets closer to customer interaction, it becomes even more important in hiring.

This is the case for FEC’s, Amusement Parks, Resorts, Trampoline Parks – you name it. Many simply hire whoever will take the wage, and many of the “support” roles for these companies are lower paying, minimum wage type roles. However, finding the right fit for these roles is crucial to your customer's experience. Be selective.

We have seen this firsthand with the various locations we have built VR attractions for, as well as within our own VR arcade that we manage.


1) Passion for Customer Service: no matter how great the experience is (VR is one of the most incredible), your people can play a major impact on the perceived joy of it.

2) Operator Knowledge:  This applies to every attraction. Anyone can be taught (we offer industry leading training & support) - but your employees should have a good grasp of the most popular games and provide recommendations to your patrons. 

3) Thoughtful & Kind:  this is especially the case for VR. Many patrons will want to know what your employee recommends - they should know what game(s) are appropriate and are most likely to drive customers back to your storefront. 

4) Personable:  this is simple - be positive & friendly

5) Patient: some users will be easier than others. An employee should have patience in dealing with more challenging customers. 

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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