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Fully customizable VR built to your business, your layout, your customer.

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Leading Commercial VR Systems 

We offer the most premium, advanced, and efficient Virtual Reality solutions in the market.  Pending your need, we truly partner with you to identify the best solution for your business & your customers.


Your Partners in Location-Based VR

With our custom solutions, expertise, software platform, and pricing options - we provide the best value within the VR industry

Our VR Build Options

  • Custom, theatrical, & attention-getting designs

  • 2-booth all the way up to 16-booth configurations

  • Turnkey installs & REV SHARE pricing available

  • All products include:

    • Our propriety, industry-leading software

    • 300+ games with more coming weekly

    • Hardware warranty​

    • 24/7 customer support

    • Access to VR university

Custom VR system
Custom VR system
Custom VR system

Explanation & Description the Different 3 booth layout possibility dimensions, features, etc

Our Commercial VR Designs

Custom VR system

Size: Just under 400 square feet

  • Most popular offering 

  • Great for businesses of any size 

4 Booth Inline

Our most popular build out.  Works perfectly for sitting along walls anywhere in your park.  This symmectrical design has a clean finished look.  After we customize your walls and put up the lighting, this 4 Booth Inline will bring a WOW factor to any entertainment venue.

Custom VR system

4 Booth Cross with Top Banner

Custom VR system

Size: Just under 400 square feet

  • Great for open sections in your park 

  • Customized walls for your branding, logo, and look

  • Top banner option for advertisements 

4 Booth Cross

This build out style gives you a couple of options.  Whether you go a bit more bulky and higher with the top banner look or stick to the standard cross build.  This set up gives you a great look to place out in the open sections of your park. With banners on each wall and on the top, it gives you a lot of space for customization and some advertisement.  The walls give people a personal feel to their own booth as they are experiencing the fun of VR.

4 Booth Cross

Custom VR system
Custom VR system

Size: Just under 400 square feet

  • Unique open layout 

  • No walls, open feel 

  • Bystanders can see people playing VR 

4 Booth Open

The open layout gives the structure a unique look.  With no walls it keeps an open feel that allows by standards in your park to see 4 people playing VR at one time.  It is perfect for putting out in an open space in your park and letting people see and feel the excitement of VR.

Custom VR system
Custom VR system

3 Booth Inline

If you don't quite have enough space for the 4 booth set ups, then the 3 Booth Inline is a great option.  This allows for you to use a little less space, but still get that exciting look and feel from your VR attraction.

Size: Just under 300 square feet

  • Most affordable commercial VR buildout 

  • 3-booth inline 

  • Perfect for parks with limited space

6 Booth Inline

This build out is perfect for a facility that has a strong traffic flow and a little bit more space to play with. When this 6 booth set up has the customized banners and lights going- it brings a jaw dropping experience for your patrons.

Size: Just under 600 square feet

  • Great for high-traffic facilities 

  • Comes with customized banners and lights

  • Fits well along walls of larger facilities 

Custom VR system
Custom VR system

8 Booth Cross Closed Ended

8 Booth Cross

This build out will bring a powerful focal point of VR into your park. If your center has a high traffic volume and you are looking to bring a major hit attraction to your park, then this 8 booth Cross is what you are looking for.

8 Booth Cross Open Ended

Size: Just under 800 square feet

  • Acts as a main attraction or focal point of park 

  • 8 VR booths in cross style 

  • Fits well along walls of larger facilities

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