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Is Virtual Reality Hardware durable?

Absolutely. HTC has truly made a quality product on all aspects. Throughout the majority of our facilities we have had little to no problem with hardware having issues and breaking down. Now that is not to say that it never happens, which is why we have our amazing hardware gurantee as part of the Private Label VR package!

How much space do I need in my park for a Virtual Reality set up?

Our normal buildouts are a 4 booth set up which take up a total of just under 400 square feet. The 4 booth set ups work extremely well for traffic flow and optimization. If the space in your park requires a little bit different set up than the normal 4 booth buildout, then we would love to work with you on getting the perfect layout for your great park!

How do I keep my VR Attraction ahead of the curve of the fast moving technology industry?

Industries are always moving forward. That is Private Label VR is truly your Parnter in Virtual Reality. Things are moving forward, but having a partner in the space allows you to have complete access to all of the up and coming changes in hardware, technology and more when it comes to VR. Private Label VR has many great relationships in place with top Vendors in the space so that we can help you keep ahead of the curve and keep that WOW factor in your facility! If you would like to know what types of Add On items PLVR currently has to make your VR attraction even above and beyond the basic set up, please contact us and we would love to share some of those additional features and hardware with you!

Are VR games Multiplayer?

There are many Multiplayer games in our large library of VR titles, these multiplayer games are the most popular games played! People love playing with or against their friends or family. Each person is in his/her own booth space, but inside the headset they can see each other and play in the game together.

How many games are available to play?

PLVR has 150+ Titles available. They range from all genres and for all ages. We also add top new game weekly, so your content can always be fresh and keep customers coming back for more! Facilities have control over what titles they make available for the customers to play, they can display 5, 10 or all 100 titles for their customers to choose from. Centers have complete control and an extremely wide variety of titles to display!

How do I manage and track my VR attraction?

PLVR Custom Software allows facilities to manage the attraction easily. Our software tracks every minute that is played through the system- on a per headset, per customer and per game basis. You can see exactly what is happening with attraction. The software allows facilities to completely control each booth right from a tablet or computer wherever they are. There are many tools found within PLVR's software suite, from an in headset game chooser,queue line control and complete customer rewards system to sms messaging, advertisement capabilities and more! Let us know if you would like to learn further about what our large software suite has to offer you!

What is provided as part of PLVR's Software Platform?

Our custom Software has many tools and amazing features. It contains: In-headset Game chooser, In-store game list for customer interaction, Complete Customer Rewards App, Booth control from tablet, Meta Data tracking per headset, per customer and per game, and queue line capabilties for customer flow. Also includes, Text Message based promotion system, Screen Advertisement Tools, Local or Global LeaderBoard, Top Game list for Customer interaction, and more.

What type of support is there for my VR attraction?

PLVR prides itself in striving to give their partners in the space the best support possible! We have dedicated success and support teams for each facility. 24/7 support with Call, Text and email support. PLVR is not only here for when something has gone wrong, but also for helping you every step of the way through install, training and ongoing help. Our success team works with each facility closely to help them on all aspects of running a VR attraction.

What type of internet do I need to run a VR set up?

You don’t need anything special. An average internet connection will work great!

What prices do facilities charge for a customer to play VR?

Pricing formats vary greatly from one facility to another. The FEC's have much differnet pricing structures than Trampoline Parks that we work with. To get further knowledge on this subject of pricing for different spaces, please see the attached link to an article that addresses this question in more depth!