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The latest tech for the safest clean. 

Our UV Sterilization technology kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in fast, safe, and efficient ways for your gaming & attraction accessories.

Why Virtual Reality?

VR- A Must-Have Experience

Are you not entertained? Virtual Reality provides your patrons with an immersive, dynamic experience.  Best of all, with over 180 games available, each experience can be unique

VR Increases Traffic

Not only does VR provide an attraction that you can feature in your advertising, but also provides advocacy from your customers- 50% of customers return within the first month to play again..... and most bring a friend with them to experience VR

Virtual Reality Arcade Setup Specialists, Customized VR Setups, VR Gaming, Virtual Reality Games

Industry-Leading Cleaning Technology

From Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality, to the latest hygiene technology - we offer the latest innovations for FEC's to deliver fun, exciting, and safe experiences for their customers.


We work with over 100 FEC's across the globe for gaming and accessories. We deliver leading expertise in driving enhanced customer experience for the end customer - your customer.

Our latest cleaning tech delivers leading hygiene and sterilization to keep you and your customers safe.

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UV tech
UV sticks
Yellow Life Saver


CLEAN-UV delivers the latest UV technology that is safe on your electronics that you and your customers use



Our UV technology is proven to be safe on gaming electronics, VR equipment, and more



Our UV process kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, ensuring you and your customers are not exposed to contamination

Black and White Earth


CLEAN-UV removes the need for toxins, bleach wipes, and disinfectant sprays and is more eco-friendly

Yellow Rulers


Cleaning takes approximately 1-2 minutes per session, while removing the need for wiping each component

Test Tube


 We use the latest science to provide the correct wavelengths for sterilization

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Leading expertise at the best value in the FEC gaming industry. We created the very first VR arcade in the US and grew to over a dozen locations worldwide. We know firsthand the needs for FEC's, gaming, what performs best, and deliver custom solutions built to your business, your goals, and your customer base.

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